Thursday, June 09, 2005

oh lovely.
i just suddenly feel like blogging.
sue me.

church camp's over.
right now i'm dead bored at home.
and I'M HAPPY even though how BORED i am.
cos God made a difference in my life (:
so to my DARLING BABIES in church camp.
i'm BLOGGING for your reading entertainment.

damn, am i nice or what?

right. lemme start.
went ta evans lodge for camp.
so the pictures and all looked great
and it SUPPD ta have a "CRYSTAL jaccuzi pool"
lemme emphasize da word CRYSTAL.
HAH. big joke.
i never got to see it though, or maybe i did.
but what me and teresa saw was a dirty fountain with yellow water.
so maybe tht was the jaccuzi.
they grouped me, YOURS TRULY, in grp11
now now, it sucked cos there was only me and grace.
thankgod there was kendrick though.
so our facils ROCKED.
herman and jeanette.
while herman preffered to be called HE MAN.

played some icebreakers game once we reached.
was kinda fun.
foolin around with my grp and my facils.
shouldn't go into details.
then they assigned us our dorms.
our room stank.
thankgod there was a mirror.
no matter how PUNY it was.
so we moved the cabinet as it was blocking the mirror.
and there was this black HUGE thing on the floor.
not moving.
i looked at it
it was a spider.
a FRIGGIN HUGE ONE mayb i add.
girls screaming all over.

time for lunch.
food sucked.
TSK, camps.
back to our rooms.
singing and snacking with the GIRLIES.
fantasizing about buffet lunches and lip-smacking desserts.
right, so we were deprived.

can't rly rmb wht happd after tht.

now, botanic gardens.
made our way there, BY FOOT.
they lied to us tht our cathecists were lost and we had to find for them.
sinners. -frown
grp by grp we left.
ken and me were kiddin arnd with the HE MAN.
sang army songs courtesy of HE MAN yet agn.
then it got rly boring and sweaty.
was talking to ken about shit. hah
after what seemed like HOURS.
finally we went back.

grp sharing, I THINK.
then time for mine and cheryl's DREAD of the day.
turned out kinda fun actually.
crapped in our dorms after.
then ate dinner with whats left of the tissuers. (:
dinner was FUN.
went back to our dorms.

pray over after
and things got serious.
what i thought was a serious waste of time.
turned out to be somewhat emotional and overwhelming.
my wonderful encounter with God. (:
shan't probe.

drank the ever famours milo

woke up.
only tht it was more fun.
went to evolution gardens.
and we were suppd to walk in alone and reflect.
okay so much for reflecting
ken and bernerd caught up with me
ended up walking with them to the finish.
shared at the pavillion.
ate breakfast.
played some imprompto games.

back to campsite.
to the rooms.
got bored.
so we all called our mothers to whine
argh typical.

second pray over.
this time i got prayed over by my BELOVED SUPER DISTANT COUSIN.
haha hilarious.
sigh touching agn.

then they told us to come up with a skit, song or dance among our grp.
we merged with rae's grp.
everyone wasn't co-operating at first.
till our facils got kinda pissed and left us ALL ALONE.
then UHHUH, we started taking charge.
came up with a hilarious plot.
there was,
bernerd the AHBENG
joel and benjamin the STONERS
me and cheryl the BIMBO CLAN
ken the NERD
brendan pope the HOMO
damn, it was like rly oh so very funny

james hosted the ALIVE concert
or rather AJ the angel.
ya'll should knw what i mean.
during our act
everyone was laughing their butts off
daniel was crying
herman was very very proud of us.
sorry i wasn't meaning to showoff (:

after the ALIVE concert
was imprompto praise and worship
my personal all time favourite.
we went sorta wild.
especially francis.
doing his monkey business as usual.

after everything, ken had to go home.
leaving ME all alone in the grp
haha, KIDDING.
i still had my others :P
was so busy few hours before i forgotten to eat my dinner
damn, so drank milo.
and rae's YAMYAM and twisties!
went to the foyer.
talked with my super distant cousin james!
haha was fun.
went back to our dorm
then we DOINKED out
due to overwhelming fatigue.
showed my four darling ROOMIES,
tsk. okay maybe NOT after all.

morning prayer was torturing.
our legs were tied tgthr using RAFIA.
but had an amazing time with The Class.
teresa had to leave! :(
disgusting breakfast with class.
HAHA. we were practically SPREADING the LOVE.
yesyes, my class ppl shld knw what i mean.
we all talked abt the night before. funny.
packed our stuff, and off to foyer for goodbyes.
and after THREE torturing days, i finally drank the SPIRIT of LIFE.
oh yes, SPRITE ICE.
courtesy of phonsie since bernerd selfishly dint give me any.
instead he was gulping it down infront of me, occasionally SHOVING it infront of my face.
RAH >:(

had a blast while waiting for i dontknw what at the foyer with cheryl rae and francis
YARH, the whats left of us.
up the bus.

back to where it all began.
took some pictures witht karina cheryl rae francis and herman!
had mass with my beloveds.
oh touching.
yet fun.
said our FINAL goodbyes.
then me and rae talked to daniel.
touching. really touching.

off to united square with rae and karina.
SUBWAY! yes our cravings
we were practically running there mann
we also shared a ONE KILOGRAM mango and peach yougart
but of course low fat.
another one of our cravings.
DAMN, lunch was GOOD.
walked around awhile just talking abt how much we've changed through camp.
me and rae esp
we were whining and groaning before this camp
not wanting to go to church
and we left the camp
with this feeling of happiness and full of the holyspirit.
and of course God in our hearts.

walked around with rae awhile more
for ERM 3 hours?
just reflecting, talking and having a blast (:

thanks teresa,
for forcing me to go to this camp.
the 35 dollars was worth it
you know what i mean girl.


rock GLAMOUR (: -

Monday, March 14, 2005

i like just totally found out
being depressed AIN'T healthy

great, now my whole life's like filled with ups and downs
like one moment i'm feeling great
the other,
i dontknw.
i just can't stop thinking about it?
about everything?

maybe it finally sank in.
i finally realised that what we had was all over.
and i dontknw?
i'm just really starting to feel it
that you're gone.

i now knw the importance of friends.
they made it easier for me through this period?
i dontknw.
just thinking of them makes my day
give me some strength to get by each day
i'm talking trash.
but i want the whole world to knw.
how much i love TERESA AND KATE.

yes yes very much.

damn, life sucks.
anyhow, manda OUT.

rock GLAMOUR (: -

Thursday, March 03, 2005

feelin a hell lot better lately
though schl hasn't been OKAY tdy
my "CLUB" members shld knw
anyhow, thanks to everyone who signed my gstbk cheering me up.
rly rly appreciate it (: really.
esp MEEEEEEPBEEEEEP my celery.

today's cheryl's FIFTEEN bday
happy bday my ex-partner


rock GLAMOUR (: -

Sunday, January 30, 2005

i don't understand why i even BOTHERED going to church today.
i mean like SERIOUSLY.
i shall just go for mass next time.
class sucked
its like so many ppl had to comment on my hair, my clothes, my weight.
all in all, my everything.
i had enough, i'm quite sick of it.
i mean like ppl change right.
if they don't, then won't life be boring?
they jus don't know how it feels to be like COMMENTED on.
ARGH! its just hurting lah.
maybe i should just quit class.
i rly dontknw what to do anymore.
i don't seem to fit in ctk anymore.
i don't even rly fit in threeloyalty.
i don't fit in anywhere.
2005 sucks.
i thought it wld be better for me.
a new beginning or some sort.
guess i was wrong?
i mean since when was i ever right?

i'm hurting inside.
and ppl don't even care.
no one's there for me anymore.
doesn't anyone understand?
i'm jus trying to be me.
to be like who I am.
and everyone's having a fucking problem with it.
this fucking sucks.
it fucking HURTS

rock GLAMOUR (: -

Friday, January 21, 2005

i like made a new blog.
due to 4 hours of boredom at home (:

tdy's kate's bday!
was suppd to go out with kate and teresa.
but we din't in the end.
i dontknw why actlly?
rah :(
there goes our bestfriends outing.
i still love them

rock GLAMOUR (: -

Monday, November 08, 2004

i don't fucking knw why?
but i'm feeling terribly miserable now
jus totally sick and tired of everything
some ppl and all
hell i dontknw why
i need a new place
need some new life

something's like haunting me?
and i jus think i found out what it is
YOU fucking ruined me
the hell i dontknw how to like love agn?
godd this entry's fucking lame
but POST

-crosses fingers :(

rock GLAMOUR (: -

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

jus realised my previous entry was one mnth ltr

schl tdy was total BULLSHIT lah
i don't understand why the hell do we even bother to come to schl
din't come to schl on monday
and i'm not gna come tmr too :P
my BESTFRIENDS are gna MISS me (:
alright, i'm fuckin bored

had some fucked up act tdy
interclass drama competition on THE PEARL
teachers are lame
me and kell went back to class
stayed there like fer 20 mins
till shan called said that christina was lookin fer us
so we had to operate OPERATION X (:
-stares at teresa
we sent christina on a wild goose chase arnd the schl
went back to the MPR
christina came marching in
like OOOOOOPS (:
had another LONG LONG LONG lecture from her
like seriously, jus spare us
thanks goodness rui and teresa came lookin fer us
they told mrs tan tht we had to practice cos me and kell were the MAIN ACTORS (:
-laughs :P

cos it involved intimate shit
and me and kell were like fuckin GROSSED out
haha so we TRIED okay
and then we realised we had to rehearse infront of the whole cohort looking at you
so we TRIED too okay
and it turned out kinda well
everyone was laughn so its like coolness (: heh

had FAMILY DANCE aftr recess
me and teresa made a NEW version of it
and its kinda cool cept tht its REALLY REALLY lame
it includes our sunflower dance in it :D

GORGING aftr schl wit my gorging mates
teresa and portscher
ate secret recipe at jeight
the cakes were like.. -MELTS
but the angmo waiter was like even -MELTS
ohmygoddd he's totally HOT
and he kept 'playing' with us
hilarious shit

went to eat dinner wit sis not long aftr
and like ohmygod
i went to the doctor MYSELF
and i think the nurse likes me (:

rock GLAMOUR (: -


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